Sargam Lesson 4

Palte: The lessons in here contain simple swar patterns that are transposed and sung throughout the octave (saptak). These patterns will help you improve the swar accuracy and precision in moving from one note to the next. The lessons in slow tempo will allow you to first perfect the swar patterns. The subsequent lessons in a faster tempo will help you master the fast transitions between the swars or between notes.

Practicing Raga Kalyan Sargam Up and Down (Palte)

Palte means playing notes upward and downward. Practicing notes up and down is important for finger practice and for better singing of akaar. Do not forget to revise your previous lessons when performing up and down practice.  We will not practice notes in our palte exercises from extreme right and extreme left of saptak because these notes are difficult to sing due to low and higher pitch of sound. However you can practice from ‘Sa’ of first saptak to ‘Ni’ of third saptak just for finger practice.

Note numbers for fingering:

Specific fingers are used for sargam practice as we defined earlier but for our singing performance this formula is not applicable. You are free to use any finger while singing and playing songs however index finger will be used for the first note of ‘Sa’.

Exercise 1 (Raga Kalyan up and down) Three Notes Palte

For playing three notes (palte) the finger position will be different. Now we will not use those finger positions that we used in raga sargam lessons.

First Stage – (Raga Kalyan Arohi)

Three Notes Practice (Sa Re Ga),  (Re Ga Ma)

Second Stage:

Third Stage:

Fourth Stage:

Fifth Stage:

Exercise 2  (Raga Kalyan Amrohi)

First Stage:

Kalyan. amrohi.1                                       

Second Stage:

Kalyan. amrohi.2  

Third Stage:

Kalyan. arohi.3

Fourth Stage:

Kalyan. arohi.4

Fifth Stage:

Kalyan. amrohi.5                                          

Sixth Stage:

Seventh Stage – (Arohi Amrohi)

Kalyan. arohi amrohi     Play both side

Eighth Stage:  (Mandr to Taar) Ascending

Ninth Stage:  (Taar to Mandr) Descending

Raga Kalyan. tiver notes from taar to mandr saptak

Tenth Stage: (Mandr Taar) Ascending Descending)

Continued . . . . .

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