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How to sing along with Karaoke

The word karaoke is derived from two Japanese words’kara’ comes from the word ‘karappo’ meaning empty and ‘oke’ comes from the word ‘okesutura’ or orchestra. Karaoke singing started in the 1970s in Japan. Karaoke refers to a performance in which a person sings along with recorded music. One of the greatest benefits to singing karaoke is the amount of stress it releases. Since singing usually makes people happy, the level of stress in your body is automatically decreased. 

A amateur singer now has the comfort, convenience and improved confidence to attempt a song, and fulfil a long esteem desire and dream therefore thanks to Karaoke System. More important, one can entertain himself in this new hobby in the comfort of his home. And with practice and determination, one can step into the stage as well. However, singing with karaoke has its own set of challenges and some advantages. Unlike as in an Orchestra, where the accompanists can adjust and adapt to the scale and tempo of the singer, a Karaoke track is like a running train. It force-fits the singer into itself. One has to run with the train, sorry the track, to get onto it. Secondly, the quality of the track makes a huge difference. It is important to pick a good quality track, with original scale and tempo. There are many tracks which are not really good, in terms of scale and tempo. One of the main reasons you might sound bad at karaoke, is because you’ve picked the wrong song. You might be picking your favorite songs, but if they’re outside your vocal capability, then you won’t be doing them justice.  The second reason why you’re karaoke performance doesn’t sound great, is because you’re singing in the wrong key. 

It is an important condition for the singer to be familiar with the original song. At the same time the track has to match the right scale and tempo, the right sequence of the lyrical stanzas, have good quality background music, with the least noise and disturbance. If the selected track is noisy and loud, the performance of singer will badly suffer. As a consequence while playing such tracks in public, one must be aware of its impact on the audience. Online software applications from Google Play are to be carefully selected. Some of the softwires will not suit film music orchestration specially in Bollywood music. (Orchestration is the automated configuration, management, and coordination of computer systems, applications, and services).

In terms of money, a karaoke app costs a lot less than traditional singing lessons from a voice teacher. If you’re on a budget, a karaoke app and a vocal coaching app might be the best solution for practice and learning. Using online software applications is a smart way to enhance quality and performance. These applications require you to import the track for dabbling with various features and parameters to enhance the effects and output. On the other side, if the singer wishes to lower or increase the scale or tempo, such applications are particularly useful. However, from a proper viewpoint, the scale and tempo of the original song must not be altered. Singer must singalong to original song scale and temp. For the benefit of amateur artistes, there are two key terms — scale and tempo — which are always referred to in Karaoke conversations. Scale of a song is more properly called the key, the set of sharps or flats that are used by default when playing the song. It will usually have the same name as the first and the last chord played (although there are exceptions).

Thing to remember:

  1. If you have a karaoke machine, that is great.  Otherwise, you can usually find your karaoke track and lyrics online in the internet. Sing while having bath, cleaning and driving, it will benefit you more than you realize. Always use good quality karaoke equipment and mic.
  2. When you’re starting out, try picking easy simple song that many people are familiar with and enjoy. In other words select a Song that you are comfortable with.
  3. A beginner usually keeps the microphone a foot or two away from the mouth which makes the voice sound bleak. Keeps the mic close to the mouth, in order to get a nice tone.
  4. One of the most common reason why someone sounds bad when they’re singing karaoke, is because they’re singing using their throat. Feel the song and sing from your heart.
  5. The song which one likes is not necessarily the song that one should sing. There are songs and songs which we like to listen to. Some of them have very high notes, or some are fast paced and some are classical. Yes, they are all very soothing, melodious to listen. Ask yourself — Can I sing this like the original with comfort and enjoyment? Choosing what one thinks is the right song can be completely wrong in the singer’s case, and can spell disaster on stage.
  6. For a singer, the voice is the main tool, as one wishes to look at it. Understanding one’s voice, its range, capability and texture combined with breath control are some key considerations to bear in mind. This will, to a great extent, determine the song selection.
  7. Nurturing your voice by regular hydration (warm water intake) is a valuable tip that I received very early in my singing career.
  8. Voice-culture is a winning proposition. Exercising the vocal chords is a discipline that a serious singer-to-be must adhere to. There are several good channels in YouTube where the host helps us understand and carry out these exercises by way of Tutorial.
  9. Riyaaz is a must in case of Indian music. Need of regular practice with a lot of dedication, interest and involvement is important.
  10. Recording and listening to our own singing will also throw up areas of improvement and correction.
  11. It is a worthwhile practice to keep listening repeatedly to the original song. Carefully listening to the singer’s modulations and approach to singing can provide us useful and effective insights. In the internet, one can find the same song sung by other notable singers. Listening to these singers also will provide us new angles and perspectives.

The main thing to remember with karaoke is that a great performance doesn’t have to involve a professional singing voice. It’s not a contest and nobody expects you to be perfect. It’s for amateurs who want to have a good time and sing the songs that they love. Therefore, karaoke is a blessing to amateur singers, who seek to demonstrate their talent for singing. A sincere, keen and hardworking amateur singer can transform into a stage singer, with proper practice.

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